Parkour for Everyone

SPF Parkour Academy – established in 2009 in Arizona. It is the first and largest parkour/freerunning program within the state having locations in both Mesa/Gilbert and Scottsdale AZ.  As leaders in the sport we bring together the best certified instructors with over a decade of experience.  We are also the host of the SPF Parkour Movement Competition which takes place every winter.

Our facilities are designed and built by parkour athletes. Our gym is the best place in the state to learn the skills and techniques necessary to engage in parkour safely and effectively. Our equipment design allows us to reconfigure paths and obstacles regularly so students will never get bored with new challenges. We encourage what is learned inside to be taken outside at our weekly coach meet ups.

We also offer Ninja and trampoline classes which are a nice compliment to both parkour and freerunning. SPF Parkour Academy is a branch of Scottsdale Gymnastics and Trampoline.




Training Vision

Students engage with our coaches to ignite the spark to learn a new skill.

Health and Fitness

Parkour and Ninja training will enhance athletes overall coordination. These foundational skills help with other sports as well.

Steady Progress

All of the training in class begin with progressions in a new skill. As athletes learn new sets of skills they will move up in level.


Our Managers